Bonita makes delicate and fine hand woven textiles, using natural yarns, with great emphasis on colour and detail.  Playing with layers, light reflective materials and texture, these fabrics are an invitation to explore. They create a sense of comfort, which resonate with the past yet maintain a contemporary presence.

Working with techniques which cannot be copied by mechanised processes, the mark of the hand is discernible in every piece.  Inspired by the simplicity and naivete of traditional and folk textiles, each piece has its own unique narrative and story.

Every fabric is envisaged as a textile in its own right,  and can be worn as a scarf or shawl or used as a throw in interior design. Her textiles have sold in some of the most influential design shops around the world including Browns and Mint in the UK; Ochre and Anthropologie in the USA; and The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark.